Planning permission in principle for housing-led mixed use development

The main part of SRUC’s West of Scotland Campus, Auchincruive Estate offers great potential for residential and commercial development and for other uses encompassing research, education and leisure.

  • Planning Permission for the wider Estate was granted in 2012 for a mixed use development including 495 houses.

  • 16 existing houses on the estate.

  • About 11,380 sq metres of existing and former commercial, educational research and agricultural buildings.

  • Part of an important Designed Landscape with historical interest and listed buildings.

The local economy in South Ayrshire is performing well in aerospace and tourism. The area has a stable population with a steady growth in the number of households leading to more demand for housing a trend which is set to continue. In addition proximity to Glasgow and good road and rail links for commuting, provide a further economic boost, and good residential demand. Neogen, a global biotechnology company have their European base at Auchincruive and there is clearly scope for the development of other businesses of that nature. SRUC will also remain in situ in a more focussed campus. Currently on the estate there are a number of small businesses renting commercial office space. There is continuing demand for this type of space and the other existing buildings could be utilised for this purpose. The Auchincruive Estate offers the opportunity for a mixed use development, taking advantage of its strategic location, attractive setting and existing buildings and businesses.

Historical Note

Auchincruive Estate was originally laid out in 1723 on behalf of the owner, Charles Cathcart. The estate was sold in 1764 to Richard Oswald, a rich merchant who commissioned Robert Adam to embellish the mansion and design the tea house “Oswalds Temple”. The Oswald family sold the estate in 1925 to John Hannah a local farmer who presented the estate 2 years later to the West of Scotland Agricultural College. Over the next 85 years, the College buildings and facilities were developed. In recent years parts of the Estate have been demolished, other parts sold and Neogen have purchased the mansion at Oswald Hall and various College buildings. SRUC have largely relocated from the site, but will retain a presence on neighbouring land.


Planning permission in principle for a mixed use development not exceeding 495 houses, hotel, golf course, leisure and business uses and equestrian centre was granted on 9th July 2012 on the greater Auchincruive Estate of which a significant portion is now being marketed. This permission subsists for 8 years and is expected to lapse in 2020 unless renewed. Since 2012, circumstances have changed and evolved. Parts of the estate are being retained by SRUC and the other parts have been sold. The estate is situated in the greenbelt and is not presently allocated for development under the Adopted Local Development plan. However, the principle of a housing led mixed use redevelopment to ensure the beneficial use of the listed buildings on the estate and to promote take up of previously developed land was accepted previously by the Planning Authority, South Ayrshire Council. A copy of the consented Master Plan together with further information is included in the data room.

Planning consent reference: 09/01416/PPPMN.

A pre-application enquiry accompanied by a draft development brief has been submitted to South Ayrshire Council and will be made available to seriously interested parties